Why Louisiana Crawfish?

www.seafoodwatch.org is a website that helps consumers and businesses choose seafood that’s fished or farmed in ways that protect sea life and habitats, now and for future generations. Our recommendations indicate which seafood items are “Best Choices” or “Good Alternatives,” and which ones you should “Avoid.” 

Imported Crawfish from places like China is rated as seafood to AVOID. There is very little to no traceability on imported crawfish. 

Chinese crawfish the use of fertilizer and the weak regulatory and management effectiveness governing this effluent is a high concern. 

Farmed crawfish in China are non-native and a highly invasive species, indicating that the environmental impact of escapes could potentially be high. While disease has not been shown to be problematic for crawfish production, they are carriers of diseases that have the potential to spread to native crawfish and farmed shrimp populations.