Is Crawfish Good for a Low Carb Diet? My 3 Top Low Carb Crawfish Reipes 

Are you following a low carb lifestyle? I know many people have had health and weight control success following a low carb diet. However, care must be taken when following low carb diets, but by choosing to cut out low-nutrient, processed foods this lifestyle can be a healthy option. What’s great is crawfish is a healthy low-carb food. Per 3 ounces of cooked crawfish, it has 0 grams of carbohydrate or sugar, 15 grams of protein and very little fat. I enjoy creating healthy crawfish recipes with our Louisiana crawfish. I want to share with you my three best low carb crawfish recipes.  I bet you didn’t realize how versatile crawfish are from etouffee to salads plus healthy!

Low Carb Crawfish Etouffee Recipe 

I think everyone’s favorite Cajun classic recipe is Crawfish Etouffee and I have the best Easy Crawfish Etouffee recipe from Gulf Coast Favorites that’s not only a low carb crawfish recipe but also a diabetic crawfish etouffee too.  Now, it doesn’t get any better than to be able to enjoy this popular recipe and know you’re eating healthy! Think about serving crawfish etouffee on another grain instead of rice for a low carb option.

Low Carb Crawfish Spinach Dip

When it comes to dips on every restaurant menu and everyone loves, Spinach Dip ranks high on the list.  So, I added Louisiana crawfish tails to my favorite spinach dip recipe for the best low carb Crawfish Spinach Dip. Crawifsh tails are a great protein source and are cooked when you buy them in the packages.  I always rinse and drain my crawfish tails and add them to recipes.  Keep this creamy Crawfish Spinach Dip low carb by serving with cucumber and squash slices.  Really so good and what’s best is this is my favorite 5 ingredient spinach dip recipe from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook and I added Louisiana crawfish!  Simple and sensational highlighting our favorite Louisiana treasure.  

Low Carb Crawfish Remoulade Recipe

If you prefer salad options, this low carb Crawfish Remoulade has your name on it!  You can serve the remoulade sauce with Louisiana crawfish over lettuce but why not turn into a chef-style salad and load up with fresh veggies. It is still really hot in Baton Rouge, so entree salads are always a great low carb option.  Once you try my easy low carb remoulade sauce recipe, you will be amazed how this healthy version can taste so good.