Top Crawfish Recipes

I thought it would be fun to highlight my top three most  popular easy crawfish recipes in 2017.  What’s great about all these easy crawfish recipes is they are healthy for you, easy to prepare and you can make them wherever you live.  I know the focus is usually on a crawfish boil, but I love those crawfish tails in recipes!  Also, remember crawfish is also good for you!  Low fat and high protein makes this Louisiana favorite popular throughout the United States. So, see if your favorite made the top list of Louisiana crawfish recipes in 2017!  I have lots of other easy healthy crawfish recipes.  I don’t believe in giving up flavor so honestly, you won’t be able to tell the difference from my healthy crawfish recipes from your old ones except in your better health!

Crawfish Etouffee Tops The 2017 Best Crawfish Recipes For Another Year

Once again, my most popular crawfish recipe, hands down, is my Crawfish Etouffee in Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook! When you search “easy crawfish etouffee recipe, my recipe appears.  I am thrilled that this healthy crawfish recipe leads the list. This Cajun recipe has created quite the reputation nationwide and I understand why.  Crawfish smothered in a gravy served over rice qualifies as a comfort food.  My recipe is simple to make and not only is this a healthier crawfish etouffee recipe but it is also a diabetic crawfish etouffee recipe.  However, best of all, it is absolutely delicious and if my etouffee recipe is not on your menu list, I can’t wait for you to try it. Watch my quick crawfish video of me preparing the crawfish etouffee.

Crawfish King Cake Becomes Most Popular Crawfish Recipe 

Do you like stuffed crawfish bread?  I was driving home from a meeting last year and people were talking about king cake and this idea popped into my head.  Wow, was it a winner!  It was the talk of crawfish season last year but don’t wait until then to make my Crawfish King Cake!  What is a Crawfish King Cake you might be asking?  It is a savory king cake that starts with crescent rolls and stuffed with a scrumptious crawfish filling and topped with colored Parmesan cheese representing the Mardi Gras colors.  You can always not color the Parmesan cheese or make it whatever theme you want as this recipe has the “WOW” factor.  Cut in slices for an appetizer or make for dinner!  You will quickly see why this easy crawfish recipe earned a spot on top crawfish recipes of 2017.  Check out more of my Mardi Gras recipes.

Move Over Crab Cakes as Crawfish Cakes Steal the Show!

I considered myself a crab cake connoisseur and ordered them everywhere I went.  So, I feel that makes me an expert in creating the most delicious Crawfish Cake recipe in my Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook. This easy Crawfish Cake recipe focuses on Louisiana crawfish with just the perfect amount of filler and flavor.  Serve with the Horseradish Sauce and you have a winning combination.  I like the versatility in this recipe.  You can also but these crawfish patties between a bun for a fabulous crawfish burger.  I have made mini crawfish cakes to serve as appetizers or put in miniature buns for delectable crawfish sliders.  Remember, this is a healthy crawfish cake recipe and even is a diabetic crawfish recipe!  Join me in my kitchen and watch my quick crawfish cake video. 

What’s Your Favorite Crawfish Recipe?

Crawfish season is coming up soon so everyone will be having a crawfish boil.  My focus is creating healthy crawfish recipes with those tender tails.  So, I am so happy when there’s leftovers from a crawfish boil and I get the crawfish tails to put into my recipes.  Crawfish is healthy and a great seafood option–low fat and high protein!  Let me know your favorite crawfish recipe at and I will make it trim and terrific.  I had to include my six ingredient quick Crawfish and Corn Soup recipe from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook because everyone loves a hearty, simple soup this time of year.  Don’t have time to cook dinner–this one-pot soup is as easy as opening cans.  Also, remember to use only Louisiana crawfish as there is such a difference in taste and quality!  Thanks for sharing another year of crawfish with me.  If you would like an autographed cookbook for a gift, shop on my site with discount code TRIM25 for 25% off!  After all, us crawfish lovers have to stick together! Also, check out all my healthy Cajun recipes!