Healthier Crawfish Fettuccine with Velveeta   

Crawfish Fettuccine recipe makes a wonderful crawfish pasta simple supper.  Down south, we look forward to crawfish season and I love Louisiana crawfish tails!!!  I look forward to making a large dish of my favorite Louisiana crawfish pasta recipe which is the BEST crawfish pasta ever.  Whenever, I have out of towners who request Louisiana crawfish, I turn to my Crawfish Fettuccine recipe from my Gulf Coast Favorites Cookbook. Yes, I even have a healthier crawfish pasta recipe with Velveeta! I use the light version and a lesser amount to still give this yummy dish that creamy, rich cheesy taste but keep it healthier!

Crawfish Fettuccine – Make Ahead Recipe

Another reason I love to prepare this recipe for guests is I can make my Cajun crawfish specialty ahead of time.  From my daughter’s volleyball team to a Louisiana dinner party, this crawfish pasta will please all ages and is perfect for all entertaining venues. Many times I will make the dish up ahead of time and freeze–cross one thing off my menu list!

Here’s the recipe for this scrumptous Louisiana Crawfish Fettuccine  I promise this is one recipe you will put on top of your Louisiana crawfish recipe list! You can make your grocery list as here’s the ingredients!

Let me know how you like the recipe and if you’re having a tailgating party this season, just make a salad and pick up French bread for an easy delcious meal featuring Louisiana crawfish.  Looking for more about Louisiana crawfish, just check out my Louisiana crawfish website packed with recipes!