Can I Freeze Crawfish Tails? 

Crawfish tails have come to be known as a staple ingredient in so many fantastic Southern dishes. So much so that I love to keep crawfish tails in the freezer to add them to my favorite Louisiana crawfish meals year-round. In Louisiana, most crawfish is harvested between December- June with the peak crawfish season being March – May. But that doesn’t mean I only eat crawfish during crawfish season. I keep crawfish tails in my freezer year round to pull out for my favorite crawfish recipes. My trim and terrific Louisiana crawfish recipes like my favorite Crawfish Thanksgiving Dressing recipe and Easy Crawfish Dip from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook are too good to save for just a certain time of the year. With good freezing techniques you can have your family favorite dishes anytime! 

How to Freeze Crawfish – Freezing Crawfish Is Way To Go!

When freezing crawfish tails from a crawfish boil, be sure to peel, de-vain the digestive tract, and remove the yellow fat as it can become rancid after a few months. Louisiana crawfish tails can be kept in the freezer in an airtight freezer ziplock bag for 2 to 6 months.  When it is crawfish season, load up on extra bags of Louisiana crawfish tails.  Did you know they freeze up to one year—until next year crawfish season!! It seems I am always having extras during the holidays and this is one of my favorite Louisiana crawfish recipes that everyone requests so I just pull out my crawifsh tails from the freezer for Crawfish Fettuccine from my Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook. Crowd pleasing and absolutely delicious.  Remember, all my specialty is easy healthy crawfish recipes.

Use Frozen Crawfish Tails To For A Cajun Thanksgiving Meal

Add a Cajun touch to your Thanksgiving table this year with Louisiana crawfish on your menu in my Crawfish Cornbread and Wild Rice Dressing. This recipe is the perfect excuse to pull out that crawfish you have been saving in your freezer. Nutty wild rice and crumbly cornbread come together with delicious sautéed vegetables and savory crawfish in this delectable side dish you won’t want to save for just Thanksgiving. Make it easy on yourself and prepare the wild rice and cornbread ahead of time so all you have to do is assemble and bake just in time for the turkey to be finished. Check out my easy Thanksgiving recipes on my blog.

Look For Louisiana Crawfish Tails

When purchasing crawfish tails be sure to always read the label VERY closely to make sure the country of origin is USA and not just ‘Distributed” in the USA. Often overseas crawfish is labeled with Cajun sounding names; however under the USDA COOL program they must be clearly labeled Product of China.