Celebrate Mardi Gras with King Cakes

Every year we look forward to Mardi Gras season because of all the good food, fun, and festivities.  Even though Mardi Gras this year isn’t until March 5th, king cakes start appearing in the grocery and I can’t wait.  I admit I love king cakes and enjoy all the many flavors. However, I think I have the best Easy King Cake recipe in my Gulf Coast Favorites Cookbooks. We call it my crescent roll king cake and all ages have fun making it. This past year I started thinking about creating a savory king cake with crawfish.  So, the best of Louisiana Mardi Gras was made: my Crawfish King Cake from Guy’s Guide To Eating Well.

Crawfish King Cake Quickly Stole The Show

To make my savory Louisiana king cake recipe I used crescent rolls and created a creamy crawfish filling with simple ingredients.  This recipe whips up so quickly. Then, everyone requested I make my Crawfish King Cake so I started keeping the ingredients on hand all the time.  Made with pantry-friendly ingredients and Louisiana crawfish, this savory sensation stole the show.  I brought it for dinners, to homes for a party and we had it for a mid afternoon snack.  So good and so simple to make. My grandson, Clegg, says this is the “king of cakes!”

Crawfish King Cake Must Have Traditional Colors

I had to figure out a way to include the Mardi Gras king cake traditional colors on the king cake.  I sure couldn’t have icing!  So, I came up with the idea of using food coloring on Parmesan cheese.  Parmesan cheese complements the warm crawfish filling and the crusty crescent rolls making the perfect choice.  I used green, yellow and then equal amounts of red and blue food coloring for purple.  

Crawfish King Cake Most Popular Savory King Cake

Now, you can find boudin king cakes and even alligator king cakes but nothing is more popular than our Louisiana Crawfish King Cake.  Made with crawfish tails, it’s easy to make. You can use frozen crawfish tails or if you’re lucky enough to have those seasoned crawfish leftover from a crawfish boil, they are the best.  Of course, then you have to find someone to peel them for you. When I was writing my new men’s health cookbook, I included my popular Crawfish King Cake as it is simple and satisfying.  Guy’s Guide To Eating Well includes some of my new favorite crawfish recipes from the Crawfish King Cake to Crawfish Gumbo Nachos ( made with crawfish).

Crawfish King Cake Perfect Any Time of Day

I think I have served this Crawfish King Cake every time of the day.  I love to make for sporting events and cut into pieces for everyone to grab a piece.  This makes a nice lunch with a cup of soup (replaces the sandwich).  Of course, who doesn’t like king cake for a snack? Whether you’re entertaining or need a quick dinner, this family-pleasing crescent roll crawfish roll king cake is hard to beat.  It is estimated that over 500,00-750,00 king cakes are sold per year in New Orleans between January 6 and Fat Tuesday, I  think once everyone tastes this Crawfish King Cake recipe, more people will be making king cakes at home!