Best Low Carb Crawfish Nachos

Who doesn’t like nachos?  I have a couple of popular and easy crawfish nacho recipes-Gumbo Nachos feature Louisiana crawfish tails or maybe you like my Crawfish Nachos  smothered with cheese.  I get asked about low carb recipes so here’s a favorite low carb nacho recipe from my new men’s health cookbook, Guy’s Guide To Eating Well. Easy ingredients come together for a scrumptious combination and I use bell peppers for your chips.  You’ll be surprised how delicious this crawfish low carb nacho recipe is and you might even prefer it!

Low Carb &Nachos – Easy Gluten-Free Crawfish Nachos Option

When I was creating recipes for my new men’s health cookbook, I divided the book into chapters for preventive health.  Bell peppers are loaded with antioxidants and a great source of Vitamin C making this recipe a perfect for for the Arthritis & Joint Pain Chapter.  I try to give you recipe options that help fight inflammation.  In fact, there’s actually more Vitamin C in red peppers than an orange! How about that! So, when I was making my Beef Macho Nachos recipe from Guy’s Guide To Eating Well I thought why not use Louisiana crawfish? Low fat and a source of protein, I substituted crawfish tails for meat.  Think about using Louisiana crawfish as a substitute not only for seafood but for chicken or beef!  It works great.

Use Louisiana Crawfish Tails For Fabulous Low-Carb Crawfish Nachos

Bell peppers make a great chip substitute.  If you think you’re not a bell pepper fan, wait until you taste the red, orange, or yellow bell peppers as they are milder in flavor.  Crawfish season is around the corner but you can find frozen Louisiana crawfish tails year round.  I usually have packages stored away all winter long to toss into recipes.  

Popular Bell Pepper Nachos On WBRZ-TV for Last Minute Appetizers

Wow!! Everyone was raving about my Crawfish Bell Pepper Nachos.  Of course, in Louisiana, we are partial to any easy crawfish recipe.  I presented this crawfish option and it was the winning combination.  Here’s the Beef Macho Nacho recipe from Guy’s Guide To Eating Well–a wonderful preventive men’s health cookbook and just substitute crawfish tails for the meat for the ultimate fun crawfish nachos.  I use red and green bell peppers but get into the playoff spirit with bell peppers the color of your favorite sports team.  Don’t forget about red peppers for Valentine’s Day or go colorful for Mardi Gras nachos.  Have fun with this tasty recipe!