Crawfish Bisque Recipe Perfect For February Celebrations!

February is a festive month and the beginning of our beloved crawfish season!  With Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and cold weather, this hearty, scrumptious soup should be on your February menu.  My Crawfish Bisque recipe packs so much flavor with sweet potatoes, molasses, seasonings, and curry all blending together for perfection. So versatile, this Crawfish and Sweet Potato Bisque from my Gulf Coast Favorites  cookbook make a perfect one-pot meal.  With a touch of sweetness and a hint of curry, this sweet potato based soup highlights Louisiana crawfish. 

Crawfish Bisque with Sweet Potatoes Popular Soup

Once you try this delicious Crawfish and Sweet Potato Bisque recipe from my Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook, it will quickly top your soup supper list.  This hearty soup was one of the most popular recipes served at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital when they had a contract to use my trim and terrific recipes.  People couldn’t wait for them to serve the soup. Honestly, it whips up quickly for a last minute dinner. Now, this is my version and it sure is versatile, practical and fabulous!

Crawfish Bisque Recipe: Put On Your Festive February Menu for Super Bowl Food, Valentine’s Day Romantic Menu or Mardi Gras Crawfish Menu

I love having a Soup-er Bowl Party because soup is self serve.  Put your Crawfish and Sweet Potato Soup in a crock pot and surround with mugs.  All you need is salad and bread.  For Valentine’s Day, I included this rich tasting Crawfish Bisque in my 50 Shades of Red menu, making soup my second course in a knock-it-out-of-the-park menu!  Nothing screams Louisiana better than crawfish!  How fun to have a crawfish Louisiana Mardi Gras Menu and my Crawfish King Cake might be the most popular crawfish recipe of the month! It would go great with a hot bowl of my Crawfish Bisque!

What Is Bisque?

In Louisiana, many times crawfish bisque refers to a crawfish filling stuffed in crawfish shells in a rich gumbo-style based soup.  The word “bisque” actually means a thick, creamy rich soup.  My Crawfish and Sweet Potato Bisque recipe is one of the most flavorful crawfish soup recipes you will ever taste.  Rich and creamy but this Crawfish Bisque is healthy and a diabetic crawfish recipe!  Let me know what you think of this delicious, creamy crawfish soup recipe.