Crawfish Enchiladas Easy To Make, Delicious and Good-For-You

I happen to enjoy southwestern food and it is a misconception that it can’t be healthy.  With my trim and terrific approach to recipes you can enjoy the best of Louisiana and southwestern recipes in a healthier way. These Crawfish Enchiladas are from my Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook and it contains the nutritional analysis and diabetic exchange to show you that this is a better-for-you recipe.

Louisiana Crawfish Tails Star in Southwestern Enchiladas

Have you ever had crawfish enchiladas?  If you haven’t you are in for a treat!  this crawfish filling is fabulous and makes the enchiladas.  My Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook gives you all your Louisiana favorite recipes including some of the best crawfish recipes.  Now, that crawfish season is here, you can find Louisiana crawfish tails easier or you may be lucky enough to have crawfish leftovers from a crawfish boil.  Of course, that’s my favorite having the perfectly seasoned tails to use for these scrumptious enchiladas.

Substitute Louisiana Crawfish Tails In Your Favorite Seafood Recipe

My Crawfish Enchiladas are the perfect blend of a melt-in-your mouth savory and cheesy enchilada.  However, if you have a favorite enchilada recipe, it is as simple as substituting crawfish for everything from chicken to crab.  Crawfish is a lean protein, low in fat and calories.  If I am using a bag of crawfish tails, I usually rinse and drain the tails to reduce the fat.  Remember, you can always pull out a bag of crawfish tails from the freezer for this recipes.  

Crawfish Enchiladas Freeze

These enchiladas freeze great.  I would not cook them before freezing but if you have leftover cooked Crawfish Enchiladas, they freeze well.  Nothing works better for me than on a day I don’t have time to prepare dinner and pull out these delicious enchiladas from the freezer.  Prepare some rice and top with avocado and dinner is done!  I can’t wait for you to try this popular recipe and let me know what you think!