Crawfish Jambalaya Recipe Takes A Short Cut

When it comes to your Louisiana favorite recipes, jambalaya is at the top.  But, have you ever had my Crawfish Jambalaya recipe? It’s truly one of the easiest healthy crawfish recipes!!  Jambalaya can take hours to make but when you need a quick dinner on the table, this delicious crawfish jambalaya recipe will be the one you will go to!  With my Speedy Crawfish Jamblaya recipe, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to create this Cajun jambalaya favorite rice dish. When you think of jambalaya you probably envision those jambalaya cook offs where lots of people are cooking jambalaya in big cast iron pots for hours. I create easy, healthy recipes for the busy person. So, I came up with this easy Crawfish Jambalaya recipe with five ingredients that’s even healthier!!

My Speedy Crawfish Jambalaya Has Only Five Ingredients!

This isn’t your typical tradtional jambalaya recipe but I think this recipe will quickly become one of your favorite Louisiana crawfish meals.  With all the components and flavors of jambayala but so simple.  The salsa contains all the seasonings and did you know 1 cup salsa = 1 serving vegetables?  Select your favorite lower fat sausage to keep my jambalaya heatlhier.  So, with Louisiana crawfish, thyme, sausage and salsa- you have dinner.  Sprinkle with green onions and serve over rice for a quick Louisiana style Crawfish Jambalaya from my Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook. I know my Louisiana crawfish recipes are easy but this one might be the easiest and packed with so much flavor.

Leftover Crawfish Tails from Crawfish Boil 

If you are lucky enough to have leftover boiled crawfish, just get help in peeling the tails.  We love crawfish boils because the crawfish are so well seasoned and add flavor to any recipe.  Wait until you add them to this recipe—DELICIOUS!  This is a great recipe you can make wherever you live.  Always ask for Louisiana crawfish and maybe check the freezer section.  I have so many Louisisana crawfish recipes on my blog so visit me there too! I specialize in

healthy easy recipes!