Crawfish Pumpkin Soup – Perfect October Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a quick crawfish soup recipe or a pumpkin soup recipe, I have the best easy crawfish recipe for you.  This Louisiana Crawfish Pumpkin Soup from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook will “wow” your tasted buds.  With around five main ingredients, you can whip up this simple healthy crawfish soup in minutes.  Tis the season for pumpkin! Pumpkin and crawfish combine together for a simple creamy snappy soup. With everyday ingredients you probably have in the pantry, this soup is one of those last minute recipes.  Serve with a sandwich or salad and your meal is done.

Crawfish Pumpkin Soup Makes Fun Halloween Party Recipe

My brother has a Halloween party every year so I brought over my easy Crawfish Pumpkin soup recipe from my Louisiana cookbook with healthy Cajun recipes.  I usually serve soup from a pot on the stove with mugs around for a self-serve soup.  However, I LOVED his idea of serving the soup from a pumpkin.  They hollowed out the pumpkin and filled it with the hot soup.  I am not sure if the pumpkin soup or the pumpkin was more popular.  Anyway, clean up was simple as no pots to wash and we tossed the pumpkin in the garbage.  You will also like my six ingredient simple Crawfish Corn Soup.

Crawfish Pumpkin Soup is Diabetic Crawfish Recipe

I guess you wonder if crawfish is healthy?  Crawfish is healthy! Louisiana crawfish are a good source of protein and vitamins and minerals, they are also low in calories and fat especially when rinsed.  In fact, this fabulous Crawfish Pumpkin Soup from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook is a diabetic recipe.  So, if you’re looking for a low carb crawfish recipe, you are in the right place with my diabetic Crawfish Pumpkin Soup Recipe!

I can’t wait for you to try this easy Crawfish Pumpkin Soup and all my healthy easy crawfish recipes!