Who Doesn’t Like Queso And Chips So Why Not Add Louisiana Crawfish

No matter what Mexican restaurant we order out from or go to, everyone always requests queso. I love queso and always one of the first to dig in.  So, why not combine a southwestern favorite with a southern Louisiana favorite for a delicious Crawfish Queso.  I created this Queso Dip recipe for my new men’s health cookbook, Guy’s Guide To Eating Well which is filled with healthy favorites.  I give you healthier options for all your favorite Louisiana crawfish recipes and my Crawfish Queso Dip is a healthier option.  So, no quilt here with this amazing queso and chips. I have lots of easy and healthier crawfish recipes so you can enjoy this southern Louisiana seafood 

Keep Louisiana Crawfish Tails In Your Freezer

Yes!  Louisiana crawfish tails freeze well.  In fact, you are probably buying frozen crawfish once crawfish season is over.  I usually stock up on bags of Louisiana crawfish tails to keep in the freezer.  When fall comes around, there’s always so much entertaining going on between tailgating and meetings.  With crawfish tails in the freezer and these everyday ingredients, I whip up this Crawfish Queso Dip in literally minutes.  

Gluten-Free Queso With Louisiana Crawfish

I had so many requests for a gluten-free Queso Dip that this was one of my priorities.  I felt this recipe from my new men’s health cookbook made a great foundation for adding your favorite ingredients like Louisiana crawfish.  You can also serve this dip with fresh vegetable rounds like zucchini or cucumber round to keep the dip gluten free.  There’s healthy options! Remember, crawfish tails are a lean protein and low in fat making them a great seafood option.  Here’s the recipe for my Crawfish Queso Dip and let me know what you think!