My Remoulade Sauce Tops The Charts!

I have one of the easiest remoulade sauce recipes in my Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook.  Best of all, this delicious recipe is even healthy too! Remoulade sauce is popular in Louisiana as a condiment. I have one of the best remoulade sauce recipes and I serve it tossed with Louisiana crawfish. Have you ever had Crawfish Remoulade?  You might not have thought of this combination but honestly, this is such a quick recipe. Remember crawfish is already cooked so you can whip up this tasty combination in no time at all.

Crawfish Remoulade Will Be Your New Favorite Combination

I am always creating new, fun and fabulous ways to use crawfish tails.  Of course, my favorite is when there are leftover crawfish from a crawfish boil and someone peels the crawfish.  Love those seasoned tails.  However, year round I usually just purchase a bag of crawfish tails and this is one of my favorite summer recipes. No one wants to turn on the oven and with my Crawfish Remoulade from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook you get a wonderful fulfilling light entree salad or great starter for summer entertaining.  I have even served this wonderful crawifsh remoulade mixture in a big bowl lined with mixed greens to guests.

Watch Me Make The Crawfish Remoulade

You can watch me make the Crawfish Remoulade in my own kitchen!  I know sometimes you like to see it made so here you go!  Serve as a light lunch or a dip.  Sometimes I serve it with crackers.  So, next time you don’t want to turn on the oven and want a delicious light meal, give this Lousiana Crawfish Remoulade recipe a try.  This is really one of my favorite easy crawfish recipes and remember, it is a healthy crawfish recipe too!  Remember, crawfish is healthy!  Also, there’s such a difference in Louisiana crawfish so look for Louisiana crawfish wherever you live. Check out more of my Louisiana crawfish recipes.