Entertain with a Louisiana Crawfish Boil! 

If you live in Louisiana, most likely you will be invited to a crawfish boil this time of year.  We get just as excited about crawfish season as we do about Mardi Gras in Louisiana.  Now, crawfish boils take place all over the country and are enjoyed by so many more people.  But, there’s nothing like our Louisiana crawfish!  Did you know Louisiana produces over 90% of the crawfish nationwide?  So, we are the experts when it comes to Louisana crawfish

Crawfish Boils Fun Times During Crawfish Season

My daughter lives in Dallas, Texas and she has more crawfish boils than I do. Throughout Texas and the southern states, this favorite Louisiana crustacean has become a popular seafood. Crawfish boils are casual cooking for company. No worries about decorations and the weather is great for outside entertaining.  If you have newspapers and paper towels, that’s about it. Best of all, the adults get to enjoy the eating crawfish and the kids run around outside.

When it comes to the recipe for a crawfish boil, I have learned everyone has their own style and tricks! It is a one-pot meal as you have crawfish and all the other vegetables tossed in like corn, potatoes, mushrooms and whatever you want.  You can buy crawfish seasoning or make your own.  Some like crawfish spicy and some not.  This is one recipe you get to make up and there’s no right or wrong.  I have lots of healthy crawfish recipes but I let honestly learn from everyone else about their favorite crawfish boil recipe.  

Where to Find Crawfish?

Looking where to find Louisiana live crawfish, you are in the right place! Visit with the best Louisiana crawfish suppliers.  Be sure to look for Louisiana crawfish tails wherever you live to use in my healthy easy crawfish recipes.  You might even find them fresh now and at a good price so this is the time to freeze them to use year round.

I have Healthy Crawfish Recipes that Are EASY Crawfish Recipes! 

If you follow me, you know I am more about using these tender tasty seasoned Louisiana crawfish tails in recipes.  So, if you can get someone to peel the extra crawfish for you and have leftover crawfish tails from a crawfish boil, you are lucky!  Doesn’t get better that that! This Crawfish Remoulade from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook is absolutely perfect for those seasoned leftover tails. Enjoy Louisiana crawfish season and make your next party a crawfish boil!