Kids and Crawfish

Do you struggle to get you your kids to eat new foods?  Actually, my kids grew up in Baton Rouge and I can’t remember when they didn’t eat crawfish.  Now, all three are married and live in New York City, Dallas, and San Francisco but each gets so excited to come back home for a crawfish boil.  The Dallas daughter always has a crawfish boil with Louisiana crawfish whenever someone is in town. My kids make my Crawfish Etouffee and other crawfish recipes year round.  They always have bags of Louisiana crawfish tails in the freezer (usually I bring it to them).

Introduce Young Kids To Crawfish with Tic Taco Toe!

It can be challenging to get your kids to try new foods.  In Louisiana, we love crawfish and I can remember peeling crawfish tails at a boil and popping them into my kid’s mouth.  However, as they get a little older, they do have minds of their own and sometimes you have to be creative.  My grandkids LOVE to play tic tac toe so I decided why not play is with crawfish tails and carrot sticks.  All kids love a grilled cheese so that becomes your board and then take turns putting in the crawfish.  The winner get to eat the board.  I admit we did start over to play multiple games but surprisingly, they were excited to eat their Tic Tac Toe Board.

 Louisiana Crawfish Tails A Versatile and Healthy Seafood

You might have some other ideas for your Crawfish Tic Tac Toe Board and I’d love to hear about them.  All you need for this recipe is bread, carrots, cheese and crawfish.  You’ll love the cheesy bread with the crunchy carrots and the delicious crawfish.  Next time you’re make an etouffee or my famous crawfish cakes, pull out a few tails to play Crawfish Tic Tac Toe with your kids. For more easy crawfish recipes, check out my best-selling cookbook, Gulf Coast Favorites for healthy and popular crawfish recipes.  It’s hard to beat good Louisiana food and I even have a special section on my blog for the best of easy Cajun recipes!