How To Make The Best Crawfish Boil Potato Salad Recipe – Easy To Do!

The first time I made this delicious Cajun Crawfish Potato Salad was after a crawfish boil.  I looked at all the ingredients and I guess I went into my meal planning mode.  I just tossed all the ingredients together and created this unbelievable Crawfish Potato Salad.  My family thought it was the best creation using our Louisiana crawfish.  Now, they request it all the time.  They love a eating crawfish from a crawfish boil but they look forward to the leftovers for this healthy Crawfish Potato Salad.  Remember, I have so many easy and healthy Cajun recipes!

Who Doesn’t Like A Good Potato Salad Recipe

When you have all those leftover seasoned potatoes from a crawfish boil, why not turn them into a Crawfish Boil Potato Salad. I am all about healthy recipes so I created the most delicious healthy and simple Crawfish Boil Potato Salad recipe.. You don’t even have to peel the potatoes. Just cut the potatoes into chunks and take the corn off the cob. Then, toss with some different fresh chopped seasonings. Here’s the fun part! Add whatever you have hanging around as there’s no right or wrong with this recipes. I have given you the basic recipe for my Crawfish Potato Salad but add whatever you want. My husband likes Kalamata olives so I usually add some of them. I have even put in the sausage before! 

Seasoned Crawfish Tails Add The Perfect Touch To The Cajun Crawfish Potato Salad

There’s one issue with using leftover crawfish tails from a crawfish boil.  You have to find someone to peel all the crawfish for you.  I don’t even have to ask my husband or kids anymore.  Seriously, they love the Crawfish Boil Potato Salad recipe so much they start peeling the crawfish and saying, “will you make our favorite potato salad?” So, that’s the hard part. Now, you can always get a bag of Louisiana crawfish tails and use them in the potato salad. However, the seasoned crawfish really make such a difference.  As I said, this is creative cooking and you can even add extra tails and serve this as an entree crawfish salad. 

Whenever I have leftover crawfish, I also like making my Crawfish Burgers in Guy’s Guide To Eating Well.  Tough decision which recipe to make as these are both summer favorites! I guess it depends if I am in the mood for potato salad or burgers!  I am always in the mood for Louisiana crawfish!  Both recipes can be made with purchsased crawfish tails year round, but nothing beats the seasoned crawfish from a crawfish boil!

Toss All The Ingredients For Cajun Crawfish Potato Salad into One Bowl To Make In Minutes!

You might not be able to tell how incredibly wonderful this salad is form the photo but when you take one bite, you will get immediately why everyone wants the recipes and requests my Cajun Crawfish Boil Potato Salad! I have such an assortment of crawfish recipes on this site and on my healthy cooking blog.  See you in the kitchen.