Top Three Crawfish Recipes Easy to Make and Most Popular To Eat!

When it comes to selecting the top Louisiana crawfish recipes it is a tough choice.  My healthy and diabetic friendly delicious Crawfish Etouffee and Crawfish Cakes both from my Louisiana cookbook are still so popular but I have a few new recipes that topped this year’s list.  I had to include the Crawfish King Cake again because I just created that recipe last year and it still knocks it out of the park.  If you have a favorite of my crawfish recipes, I would love to know!  These are my top easy crawfish recipes for 2108!

Crawfish King Cake Tops the List!

Mardi Gras isn’t until March 8th this year but my Crawfish King Cake  from my new men’s health Guy’s Guide To Eating Well Cookbook has been popular year round.  I actually created this recipe after a meeting with Louisiana Crawfish Promotions Board after hearing about a boudin king cake and then I had my new idea.  I couldn’t wait to go home and test crawfish king cake recipes to come up with the perfect combination of easy-to-make, better for you and absolutely delicious.  I had to top my list with my Crawfish King Cake recipe because it is just that good!  Made with crescent rolls and a crawfish filling, it is hard to beat for snacks, lunch, appetizers or dinner. I couldn’t wait to include this savoy scrumptious Crawfish King Cake in my new book that was released in June, Guy’s Guide to Eating Well, so now everyone can enjoy it.

Crawfish Fettuccine One of Those Stand By Recipes

Crawfish Fettuccine is one of my favorite Louisiana crawfish recipe to make ahead and freeze.  I have been doing it for years. When my kids were in college and brought their friends from all over the United States to my house for good Louisiana food, they always requested I make my Crawfish Fettuccine from Gulf Coast Favorites Cookbook.  I like making Crawfish Fettuccine when I have extras at the house because this easy crawfish recipe serves a crowd and everyone always asks for seconds…so you know how good it is! 

Crawfish Potato Salad Steals The Show

One day we had leftover potatoes, corn and crawfish from a crawfish boil and I decided to turn it into a Crawfish Potato Salad.  It was the best potato salad we had ever eaten. We wanted this Crawfish Potato Salad often so we would go buy the potatoes and corn they sell in bags for crawfish boils.  Then, I would get a package of tails and add it in.  My daughter in Dallas now makes it all the time and my husband probably requests this easy crawfish recipe more than others.  It is just that good!