Football Season: Here’s Best Louisiana Crawfish Tailgating Recipes

In south Louisiana, we have one thing on our mind!  Football and tailgating! So, you can root for your favorite football team but leave the tailgating dip recipes to me.  I have incredibly delicious and simple recipes and crawfish plays a star role in my rundown.  So, I couldn’t wait to share with you some of my most popular and easy crawfish recipes.  Most likely, you have these everyday ingredients.  I have tons of easy Cajun crawfish recipes on my blog that will be great for football season.  Frozen crawfish tails work fine.  Just defrost, rinse and drain and toss into one of these recipes!

Every Tailgating Menu Has Spinach Dip!  Ever Thought About Adding Crawfish

Who doesn’t like a good Spinach Dip.  Whether you order it out at a restaurant or it’s on the tailgating menu, this classic dip everyone always enjoys. So, think about pulling out a package of frozen Louisiana crawfish tails and adding them to your favorite spinach dip. My Crawfish Spinach Dip takes a short cut with ONLY 5 ingredients.  With salsa for flavor and creamy cheese to keep it creamy, this simple recipe quickly became everyone’s popular choice to make and eat. Another recipe from my Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook so if you enjoy Cajun food, you’ll love all these recipes in this cookbook.

Crawfish Dip I’ve Been Making Since My Catering Days

When I started catering events over 25 years ago (no, don’t do that anymore), this Crawfish Dip from Gulf Coast Favorites Cookbook was one of my most popular recipe back then and it is still today. In a creamy, scrumptious dip you can whip up in minutes, I always include this favorite on my tailgating menu.  Serve with pita chips and I also like to use cucumber rounds for a healthier version. Diabetic-friendly and delicious! If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, turn into tomorrow’s dinner and serve over rice.

Still Hot Outside So Don’t Forget About Crawfish Remoulade

In Louisiana it is still hot outside and sometimes you’re looking for a dip recipe to cool you off!  There’s not a better recipe for Crawfish Remoulade than my amazing but simple Crawfish Remoulade Sauce.  Of course Louisiana crawfish is the star ingredient but truly, the secret is in the remoulade sauce recipe.  I think you’ll enjoy this healthy version.  Serve on a bed of lettuce with crackers for a great crawfish dip appetizer.  This delicious Cajun crawfish recipe is also from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook.