BEST Louisiana Crawfish Recipe for Mardi Gras:  Crawfish King Cake Recipe

I love Louisiana Crawfish and I love Mardi Gras!  I look forward to king cake season year round and making my popular Easy King Cake with Cream Cheese Filling from Guy’s Guide To Eating Well.  This crescent roll king cake is one of the most popular king cake recipes nationwide.  The king cake tradition is widespread and the abundance of different fillings, flavors and doughs make each recipe unique. I thought what could be better than combining our greatest resource, Louisiana crawfish, with this time honored tradition.  The outcome was a savory Easy Crawfish King Cake recipe that might be the best food you have ever put into your mouth!  If you like Stuffed Crawfish Bread you are in for a treat.  

How I make my Crawfish King Cake 

I kept the recipe simple by using reduced-fat crescent rolls and even included the beloved cream cheese filling flavored with onion, bell pepper, and garlic.  I am known for my easy, healthy recipes and this delicious Crawfish King Cake fits into that recipe profile.  Just the right amount of reduced-fat cream cheese combined with crawfish tails baked inside the crescent roll circle and topped with Mardi Gras colored Parmesan cheese makes the most delectable recipe ever.

Louisiana Crawfish Boil 

What’s great about my recipe for the Crawfish King Cake or my Easy King Cake with Cream Cheese Filling is you can make these recipes wherever you live.  Of course, my favorite crawfish are the leftover crawfish from a crawfish boil.  My husband will peel them for me and these perfectly seasoned crawfish create the best Louisiana crawfish recipes.  Sometimes, I make everyone stop eating so I have crawfish boil tails to use.  You can always use a bag of crawfish tails.  I keep Louisiana crawfish tails in the freezer so I can make crawfish recipes whenever I want.   Always remember to check for Louisiana crawfish tails which you might find in the freezer section of some groceries or fish markets.