Crawfish Boils A Favorite Way To Eat Crawfish During Crawfish Season 

Everyone has their own method of boiling crawfish when it is crawfish season. I think Easter weekend kicks off the season as it is a big weekend for crawfish boils in Louisiana and now, in many other cities.  We are actually in Dallas and this time we didn’t boil the crawfish but took the easy way out and picked it up.  You can find seasoned Louisiana crawfish in so many places.  My kids grew up in Baton Rouge so they always look forward to crawfish season and eating one of their favorite meals, boiled crawfish.

What Do You Put In Your Crawfish Boil?

Crawfish boils really are a one-meal dish.  Besides getting a good dose of healthy protein and low fat, you can round out your meal with all kinds of vegetables.  Traditionally, you find potatoes, corn and garlic in most crawfish boils.  How about mushrooms, artichokes, asparagus, squash and the list goes on forever.  

Crawfish Boil Leftovers 

Best of all, whatever you like you just toss your favorite ingredients in the pot to cook all together in the seasoned water.  These vegetables get infused with that spicy, seasoned flavor making them better than ever to eat!  Take the corn off the cob and include in any recipe that calls for corn to pump up the taste.  Use corn in my Southern Succotash recipe from Gulf Coast Favorites or my favorite Fiesta Salsa recipe from Eating Well To Fight Arthritis.  Corn boiled with the Louisiana crawfish takes the recipe to a new level. Plus, look at this as meal prep as you have ingredients ready for another meal.  I even made a crawfish boil potato salad!

crawfish topper tray for crawfish boil

How Cool is this Crawfish Table Topper? 

I had never seen this Crawfish Table topper and my kids in Dallas used it to serve the Louisiana crawfish they picked up for an instant crawfish boil. So Cool! I loved the way it organized all the crawfish making it easier to eat. I have so many easy crawfish recipes if you have leftover seasoned boiled crawfish tails. 

My Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook includes easy Cajun crawfish recipes you can make easily! When it’s crawfish season, there’s not much better than Louisiana crawfish wherever you live.